Zion National Park – Springdale, UT

Oh, hello! Did I mention I planned an impromptu trip to go hiking in Utah? I didn’t? Well let me tell you how things have gone so far!

The trip started with my sister arriving in KC to meet me after work and a stop at the McCandless family soup night. Then it was off to the airport.

We arrived at the airport at 8:15, and boarded the plane at about 9:15. Unfortunately the plane seats were not tall enough for a qualified comfortable flight. Three hours and two time zones later, we made it to Vegas. Thirty minutes later we got our rental car. The long car ride time was passed by discussion of old family trips, places to see in the future, and how to make meth. And two more hours later at 2AM mountain time, we laid our heads down for bed.

Woke up this morning and made our way to Zion National Park in Springdale Utah. We hit some early trails around the park with great weather.

Day two involved quite the hike up to Angel’s Landing. It was funny because the initial 2 miles, that required some scaling and holding on to chain links was semi difficult, and at the top of Scott’s Bluff had several individuals taking pictures and grabbing a bite to eat. However, a look to the right, saw a very narrow, very steep section where people were hiking. Krista said that she heard someone say “what the fuck are those people doing?”

Krista, being the trooper that she was, wasn’t prepared to traverse the last part of this hike. Understandably so, but I had already come this far and had to keep going. So I found a hiking partner, or accountabili-buddy.

After the hike we took a break and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the fight. End the day.

The last day we slept in just a little bit and made our way to Snow Canyon Park. Great choice by my sister. We got to walk across some sand dunes and hike a couple trails and get some great shots.

So after we hiked the park, we drove back into Vegas and walked the strip a little bit. We made our way to the Hershey’s Store, Coca-Cola World, M&M Store, and walked around a bit. Ended up in the MGM Grand for their buffet. Before heading back to the airport, we made it to the Jabbawockeez show.

Then we headed back to the airport and made it back this morning. Those were the cliff notes, but it was a great trip, outside of the car with no cruise control. I took a whole bunch of video and pics and hope to put together a video in a little bit. Peace!

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