Double Feature at the Boulevard Drive-In

One of America’s favorite pastimes has always been to go to the movies. One of the biggest relics from the mid-20th century was the drive in movie theatre. And though 95 percent of all drive in movie theatres have disappeared, the Boulevard Drive In located in Mission, Kansas, still stands strong.

Opening it’s “doors” in 1950, the Boulevard Drive In has remained at the same location and provided a nostalgic movie going experience to Kansas City for more than 60 years under the tutelage of Wes Neal.

Every Friday and Saturday night, beginning in mid Spring, the Boulevard plays double features through the late fall. Not only is the theatre the first drive in of its kind to show its movies in 4K quality picture, the movie’s audio can be streamed through your car audio via their local radio dial.

Allowing you to enjoy your movie-going experience in luxury surround sound

The theatre opens at 7, and movies start at 8:30. If you don’t get there early enough to get a great spot for the first movie, many of the family cars will clear out, leaving those who are staying for the late movie several open spots to claim a better view.

We moved up five rows for Zootopia

Admission and the snack bar are cash only, but worth every penny. Make sure you come with an empty bladder or a strong bladder, as the bathroom line between movies can be a small wait.

The line up of movies looks amazing this summer. Check out Boulevard’s Facebook page to see what will be playing and make a date to the drive in this season. And if an old man with a fancy belt buckle is taking your money at the gate, you can thank him personally for keeping this drive in open for the past 60 years.

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