Sandos Luxury Resort – Cancun Mexico

As the June weather begins to heat up North America, it beats down in Mexico, making for a very warm summer trip down to Cancun. Warm beaches, warm pools, and a warm welcome awaited us at the Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort. 

The weather proved to be advantageous. We arrived to scorching sun for the first half and then, after scorching our bodies, we enjoyed the second half of the vacation in warm overcast, chilling by the pool and on the beach.

Day one involved laying around, soaking up the sun, and acquiring plenty of room and poolside service. Thursday involved a long day in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in search of Whale Sharks. The first hour involved a fairly fruitless search in terms of Whale Sharks, but did include an abundance of giant sting rays.

After a brief and exciting in -water encounter with these giant creatures, the search continued for whale sharks. After a continued runaround, a group of more than 30 whale sharks were spotted 90 minutes from our location. While this was quite the boating journey, the results were well worth it.

Friday included morning training on Scuba Diving and an adventure out to the reef at Isla Mujeres. While intimidating, once 33 feet down, it was quite the exciting 35 minute adventure that will more than likely happen again.

The final two days involved laying out and playing pool volleyball and eating all of the food. A great vacation indeed. Adios, Cancun!

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