Big Cedar Lodge – Ridgedale, MO

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination. These words ring so very true, but it doesn’t hurt when your weekend vacation involves a spa day, canoeing, and hiking around Table Rock Lake.

Arriving in the evening after enduring the wonderfulness that is the Golden Corral Buffet, we made it into Big Cedar Lodge on Friday evening.

We gathered our whereabouts across the expansive, scenic, and rustic resort that would remind anyone of what summer camp looks like (at least in the movies) and prepared ourselves for a morning of massages, spa treatments, and other adventures.

The curtains proved very effective in keeping the light out as we woke up 30 minutes before our massage was to begin. However, we did make it in time and enjoyed a wonderful massage followed by an hour in the Couples Grotto section of the spa. A giant hot tub with an overhead shower, an ice room, cushioned loungers, and cotton robes were just a few of the nice touches.

After the spa, we grabbed breakfast at the on site cafe and walked around the large property before going for a canoe trip around the cove.

After a couple of hours, it only made sense to stop by and get some ice cream at the Frostys Airstream trailer parked on one of the lawns.

Followed by some mini golf.

The weather however, would remain rainy throughout the afternoon, so we went back and spent another 2 hours at the spa.

The night ended with Brooke indulging me in my UFC fix (she loves it too) in Branson.

The next morning we woke up to incredibly beautiful weather, and made our way to Dogwood Canyon. While one of the most amazingly kept parks we have ever been to, the price to access and walk was a little steep ($20 a person). However, we enjoyed the 6-mile round trip hike to Arkansas regardless.

And thus, the successful getaway was completed.

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