Route 66 – Kansas City, MO to Amarillo, TX

It has been quite a few years since I had been on a good, old fashioned road trip. Sometimes it takes a special desire and motivation to put in thousands of road miles into a trip in the name of “fun”, but luckily Brooke and I are always up for an adventure. This one took us down historic Route 66.

Starting this past Friday morning, our first stretch of road took us all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the way, we hit the Murder Bordello and a historic gas station in Galena, KS, as well as the worlds largest cement totem pole.

Our night ended at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where we swam, gave our money to the casinos, and clogged our arteries with cheese fries at Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar & Grill.

The next morning, we continued our journey down Route 66 through Oklahoma City to Amarillo. On our way through, we passed through several interesting landmarks. A round barn, a leaning water tower, a soda shop with more than 700 sodas for purchase, a giant iron cast whale, one of the largest flea markets I’ve ever seen, Cadillac Ranch, and a Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma.

We capped the night off with drinks, quest, and tacos at Torchys Tacos.

The next morning we got ourselves up at 6:30am to hike the Lighthouse Trail at Palo Duro Canyon outside Amarillo.

After the 6-mile hike and climb, we hopped over to a local winery to try some dry wines. Not my cup of tea, but beautiful scenery. On our way back to the hotel we watched Baby Driver, which was an excellent flick. Then back to the hotel before the storms came in.

The next morning, we got up for pancakes before making it to Oklahoma City. A delicious breakfast set the tone for a great afternoon in OKC. Our hotel was located in Bricktown, which has been reinvented into a beautiful commercial district that has a River Market feel to it. We took a water taxi down the canal, went bowling, played mini golf, drank too much, and had way too much fun. We attempted to make it to the Oklahoma City National Museum to see it lit up at night, but another giant storm made its way right when we pulled up. We resolved to visit the next morning.

The morning of the 4th, before we left, we decided to tour the Oklahoma City National Museum – feeling to to be the patriotic thing to do.

Now, I’ve been to D.C. And I’ve seen memorial walls, as well as the beginning of the construction of the 9/11 Memorial, but I’ve never honestly been “moved” by a memorial. I respect them and appreciate , but I see them as names. This was the first time I was moved to tears. I remember the bombing happening in grade school, but I didn’t fully understand the impact and magnitude. The city of Oklahoma put together a beautiful memorial inside and outside to commemorate and remember the victims of the bombing.

And after 24 hours and 1,000+ miles of driving, we have arrived back in KC for Independence Day. Another great trip in the books. Up next – Colorado. Video coming soon.

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