Bachelor Party Bro-ad Trip – Fairplay, CO

There is only one state I would ever seriously consider moving to if I didn't live in my favorite city of KCMO, so it only made sense to spend my bachelor party in Fairplay, Colorado, hiking mountains and enjoying the fresh air and altitude sickness.

After putting a solid half day of work in, Brooke dropped me off at the airport to head to Denver and meet with the guys for my bachelor party – with the only real goal being to hike a 14er. Arrived in Denver around 3pm and met up with Chris before Kevin picked us up to convene with the rest of the gang. Once we met up with Ali and Matt, we traversed Denver for a bite to eat.

After some quality Denver pizza, we made our way to Lucky Strike bowling for some sub quality bowling performances. After that, we made our way back to the hotel for sleep and preparation for the next morning's trek.

The next morning, as we gathered ourselves at Ali's residence, we made our way to an Escape Room in Denver. After escaping, we made the decision to head through Colorado Springs to hit Garden of the Gods before we made our way to FairPlay. As expected, the site was very busy but we made some time to hike around the area. Then we made a trip to the Air Force Academy to take a look at the amazing chapel. We were thwarted from viewing the inside due to a wedding that day.

Once we got into Fairplay, we headed to the local brewery for dinner, drinks, and Presidents and Assholes. There were plenty of local stores and establishments that we grabbed food from during the trip as well. For a town in the middle of nowhere, the mountains bring plenty of tourists.

After dinner and some evening games, we had an early night, as the next day plans were to summit Mount Lincoln. However, as the wee hours of 2:30am came about, weather became a factor we needed to consider. Storms were a possibility around the later hours of the morning, and we also brought a travel companion who had ACL surgery 10 months prior. Mount Democrat, while not as long of a hike as Lincoln (2.45 miles instead of 3), was still a hike with nearly 3,000 feet in elevation gain.

Leaving for the hike proved worth it, as we reached the summit and got to enjoy it on our own for a hot minute. On our way down, the Hikers were out in full force. We got to enjoy our climb in relative solitude… and darkness. While we did not get the expansive view due to the overwhelming cloud cover, we did not let that ruin our triumphant feat.

The decent led to some breakfast burritos, followed by board games and cards games, and then dinner in Breckinridge at the Brock Brewery. Unfortunately weather was not the most agreeable, so activities remained indoors. Needless to say, the day wore me out by 7:45. Which was fine, because we had to soldier on at 6:30am to the airport for my 10:30 departure.

Matt went off to Canyon City, or somewhere like that. Kevin dropped Ali back off at home, and then Chris and I at the airport before heading back to Iowa. Now I'm back home in wonderful KC with my wonderful fiancé, and while I could have asked for better weather, I could not have asked for a better group of guys to have with me for the trip.

Though the trip was short with only a few days of activity, I did put together a short video covering our days at Garden of the Gods and Mount Democrat.

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